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BIG THUMBS UP - Thank you so much!!
This one fixes lots of problems:

Had mouse issues with OCS on ATH150715 NON-AGA 512Kb 1.3ROM
- Battle Chess (cannot select piece)
- Adventures of Robin hood (cannot click on any icon)
- Strip Poker (mouse pointer travelled without moving mouse)

These are all fixed in this new version, and I will keep on testing roms in the next couple of days. Awesome!

Still have some issues with:
- Battle Squadron (TIC / Freestyle trainer) RMB for train mode doesn't work.
- Boulder Dash C64 (haven't had this one to work on any mist combi)

This nearly completes my list of ADF's that actually work flawelessly on the Mist, so again a big thanks Chaos for the upgrade!

*EDIT* For anyone who's interested, I'm keeping a list of all the disks I ever had, converted to ADF, and now transfered / testing on Mist:

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