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Greetings first time poster but I have been following you folks for a while and got the itch to pull out my old Amiga CD32's and A500 system.

I bought one of these SD Card emulators from some fellow in AtariAge and it works like aces. I too have the dilemma in how I could make it work with an external floppy port?

I have 2 external floppy drives one which I am willing to gut to interface the board, but a simple disconnect of the drive in the case & a reconnect of the HxC board dont work. I wonder if there is some special pinout from the external floppy drives?

I have one of those DF0/DF1 switch boards in my Amiga 500 but pulled it out because I am currently using the internal header of in the 500, which works great. The only problem I have is that I have this ugly cable coming out of my floppy drive bay.

I would ideally like to gut an external floppy drive, reinstall the floppy switcher and use the drive for my A500 and SX32 (which only has an external DF0.)

Has anyone had any success with this type of mod?

Great board, I am so glad I am finally jumping in!
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