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Originally Posted by nikemoto2511
bippym, i agree what you say. except amiga=game console: if we burry the term "home computer" (because abberative), there are

consoles (television based)
personal computers (screen terminal based)
mobile devices (integrated screen)

commodore advertising has kept people away actually, dont know if that's good or bad.

because people take words literally, "television game console" does not say management people do not watch television. connect a600 to a b/w CRT mini tv=very efficient and easily portable. well somehow orwell-1984-like, secretary woman would probably refuse to work in such a company. result: the manager itself has to type reports "containing assumptions about future fortunes".

professional business people have not seen it as state-of-the-art for their offices. nowadays, a500 do not have web-browers, but allow staff to play games (on small b/w screen) if they can provide it on floppy disk?

actually, back then they not even wanted "personal computers" in the office, and demanded "multimedia machines". i just mean, the assumption people would download mp3 freely all the time (if available) = actually wrong. working class people do not have the time to create custom cd's, and serious workers do not carry i-pods, they are just a consume option for girlies (have seen them in this environment). actually i have the address of two legal mp3 sites, however buying real cd's time by time. i mean the copy protection efforts do not make too much sense, see SONY...

just saying it was a good machine, which even deserves attention these days, virtually no unsolicicted email...

don't we play games all the time
oh, ok. more or less
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