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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
I'm actually working on that at the moment - looks like I'll be helping with a new British initiative to get kids coding again, but it will unfortunately [i]not[i] be open sourced
Wouldn't it be the ultimate boost to a young kid who was working with this initiative, if they dug into the source code and fixed something that was really annoying to their peers. That's the kind of thing which builds a great programmer. To not open source in this case, seems a loss.

I grew up learning on BBC Model B's. We all had to learn how to write basic programs. Of course, who really learnt anything at that age? In this day and age you can get a toolstack that costs nothing and is open source as it needs to be and write an app that you can upload and sell.. it's so easy. That seems like a tremendously more useful learning opportunity.
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