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Satandisk - SdiskEmul - ICD adSCSI+ External Hard Drive Case

I have some items here that I am willing to sell, two items are atari st things but the sdiskemul will work on the amiga!



Custom cased
DMA connection cable
Currently in use on an 1040STE
£40.00 (SOLD Pending)



Bought this for a project but I never stick with the same thing for long and my plans have changed again.

£30.00 (SOLD)


Third Coast Tech external Hard Drive case with internal ICD AdSCSI Plus ST card.
Can hold two SCSI Devices, planned to use a cd-drom and hard drive but never got around to it!
Brand new clock Battery (just needs fitting, still sealed up)

*Original 40mb drive if wanted. Appears to be dead as it does not spin up? - could be a fuse, I do know this is a common problem but never went any further checking it? there could be just about anything sitting on this drive but I have no time to bug fix it!


£85.00 Price drop!


I will get my butt in gear and do some photo's.

Will have to keep this UK only, postage will be a killer else

Send me a PM if you are interested.

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