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Originally Posted by sean_skroht View Post
It doesn't matter whether he is actually working on the FPU at this very moment in time or not, that's not the point. The point is that the FPU will eventually be available for the current range of Vampires which is being disputed by some. What we have to do is wait and be patient. Now if you can find a post by Gunnar dated later than the 3rd of July (the date of the post quoted by Mr.Flibble and myself) where he categorically states that a hardFPU will NEVER be available for the CURRENT range of Vampire cards then I welcome to be stood corrected.
"APOLLO HardFPU is 100% identical to the 68060 FPU from instructions. Its just not tuned for placement in Cyclone3 yet." implying "that the FPU will eventually be available for the current range of Vampires" is quite a stretch. Gunnar has also told potential customers to buy the Vampire only for what it offers today which may weakly imply that an FPU will never be available. If a customer needs a fast 68k compatible FPU, then it is more logical to assume that the Vampire will never get one.
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