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Firstly you new hard disk must support locking, ermm my friend it does sound like you are going round the houses a bit after all you have a hard mod, all you need to do is just LOCK the HDD to the current rom and MSDash should boot no problems with the mod-chip disabled.

for instance..

after the hardware hack.

I placed the 10GB XBox drive in the graveyard of components...
Installed the nice 160GB HDD
Using my Xlite Programmer I programmed the X2.6 Bank 1 with Xecutor Bios 5032, and in Bank 2 Flash Bios 3.03
Placed the mod chip in the XBox and put the AID 3.01 disk in.

used the 1 touch installs

1. Prepare large hard disk (re-boot xbox and reload)
2. install XBMC Dash and all files
3. Install All Applications
4. Install All Emulators
5. Install All Tools

remove AID3.01 reboot and check setup

as i know where it is on the Slayers 2.7 disk i placed that in the drive. booted and selected Lock HDD

thats it... job done.... with a hard mod... you dont need to worry about any other bios... (unless you intend to remove it one day.
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