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I finished it. I would guesstimate that it took me about 80 hours total.

The biggest problem the game has is survival in the beginning. If you can survive long enough to get your bravery up to about 200 you're basically immortal/unstoppable for the rest of the game.

There is a *lot* of exploration (and I mean a *lot*). It's compounded by the fact that you have to return to Tambry in order to get food every few hours. This means that you only get to explore small portions of the map at a time, until you get the golden swan near the end of the game.

The last level takes place in the Astral plane, which has new music (pretty good music). There are different tiles, like ice tiles, speed-up tiles, and regular tiles. You have to navigate a maze suspended in outer space to get to the final battle with the Wizard. If you aren't careful, you fall off the maze & die, losing 5 luck. It's important to harrass the Witch for all the luck you can get your hands on before you go after the wizard.

I liked the game a lot.
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