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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
Is it true that if you win by a great margin the difficulty increases quicker?
I read about that and I can't say for a fact that it's true, but I felt that about halfway through the game that speed and responsiveness of my truck didn't feel as sharp as when I'd first had it fully upgraded; it could have been my imagination, but it did feel that there were dark powers conspiring against me

What I can say for certain is that certain tracks are much, MUCH harder to beat than others. The CPU rarely makes mistakes and their cars always seem to perform better than mine, even though it was maxed out with upgrades. Fandango and Hurricane Gulch are the most difficult by far due to the tight turns and narrow straights that make the nitro impossible to use effectively.

By comparison, Big Dukes was consistently the easiest track to win, mainly because it has wide open straights where the nitro allows you to power ahead of opponents without crashing into them. I'm pretty sure it's not my imagination that the CPU drives consistently slower on this particular track too!
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