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Originally Posted by mac388 View Post
Hi i am new but have setup amithlon on a dell c610 but can only get 8 bit res
have followed SnkBitten install guide which i think is spot on but if i add any of the 16 or 32 bit res to the startup script the emulator crashes is this a problem with graphics card as when trying to set in screen mode pref i only see 1 builtin preference which as to be set in the @small file any help would be appreciated
I have a Dell C610, unfortunately I can't find the power cable for it. I installed Amithlon on it a while back but do not remember much of my setup to know what screenmodes I was using.

What patching have you done on Amithlon?

From my guide...

First patch - AOSXL-update1.lha

Second patch - BB3.9-2.lha (yes to install rom update when asked)
reboot (Control+windows+windows or PrntScrn+R)

Third patch - AmithlonUpdate131.lha
reboot (Control+windows+windows or PrntScrn+R)

Forth patch - Powerpci_user.lha
reboot (Control+windows+windows or PrntScrn+R)

The third patch adds the contrib files that were released after Amithlon and it should allow you to choose other VESA screenmodes. The init file vga=nnn is just what Amithlon will start in though if your monitor (or laptop display) doesn't support standard VESA modes, you have to pick the single mode you want to use and set that in the init string.

I'll keep looking around for the cable so I can fire that laptop up again and see what screenmodes I have available.
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