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On another note, and being slightly bored today, I swapped the Matrox PCIe G550 out for the nVidia PCI FX5200 card again.

Primary reason, I'm spoiled by the nVidia. It is significantly faster than the Matrox in graphics performance (Intuition and Graphics test). Using SysSpeed v2.6 as my benchmark, the nVidia card outperforms the Matrox in most test by 2x as much, some 6x and a few even 12x faster (OpenScr16 and OpenScr256). This goes with the nVidia cards as having the most hardware accelerated features among the supported cards.

The Matrox is no slouch and it takes the lead in a few of the performance test, possibly from it being on a PCIe bus. In those cases the nVidia is .8x as fast, the slowest at .63x in comparison (PrintTxtTru).

The second reason would be memory. The Matrox (32 MB card) is limited to 4 MB in Picasso96/Amithlon Framebuffer. This limits high resolution/high color displays compared to the nVidia which is limited to 16 MB. I use a 1280x720 @ 32bit Workbench and the Matrox had a few (very few) glitches with left behind pixels or a slight trail left over occasionally. When I installed the card I lost 1280x1024 @ 32bit so my 1280x720 @ 32bit was pushing it pretty hard. I could have lowered the resolution or reduced the colors to 16bit to eliminate this.

The Matrox is a nice card and runs very well in Amithlon and is a good choice if you need a PCIe hardware accelerated video card. I'd like to figure out why the Matrox was limited to 4 MB though....that could bump up it's performance and output abilities.
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