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AmigaOS 3.9 BoingBag #4

AmigaOS 3.9 BoingBag #4 version 0.2b


The unofficial BoingBag 4 project is a community effort that is pursuing the considerable
task of upgrading, enhancing and bugfixing AmigaOS 3.9.

This is a preliminary release. It is anticipated that further updates
will be developed and incorporated before the final release. Please
report any bugs immediately.

To get the latest updates and information, visit

You will need to install Boing Bags #1, #2 and #3 before installing BoingBag 4.

BoingBag 1 and 2 are available from
BoingBag 3 is available from
BoingBag 4 is available from


These components are updated:

graphics.library 40.24 -> 40.25b8
icon.ibrary 46.4.129 -> 46.4.159
SetPatch 44.38 -> 44.39
version.library 45.4 -> 45.5
wizard.library 42.100 -> 45.1

These components are new:

Canon BJC6000 printer driver 44.7
Epson Stylus Colour printer driver 45.0
SuperPlus monitor driver 40.2

Also, various components are replaced with their 68020-optimized
equivalents (generated with the PatchFor020 utility).

Thanks to all the developers who made this upgrade possible by their
continued support for OS3.9, and to all the beta testers of this package.


Canon BJC6000
Includes limited support for photo printhead, and text mode printing.

Epson Stylus Colour
It should work with the Stylus S20, D120 or Cx0 series which also
support 1440 dpi.

icon.library 46.4.154
The ProcessIcon bug and an enforcer zeropage read hit are fixed now.
The following functions in the icon.library were broken:
OptimizeImageSpace(), DropChunkyIconImage(), DropNewIconToolTypes(),
OnlyUpdatePosition(), PreserveOldIconImages(). In some cases the
planar images of non-V44 icons couldn't be displayed. This version
works without conflicts under AfA_OS if the version of the
AFA_OS_LIBS:Icon_Lib.exe is from 2010 or newer. More fixes and tweaks.

graphics.library 40.25b8
Lots of fixes, optimizations and enhancements. You are now able to
remove forever these patches:
* AmyWarp
* BlazeWCP
* CPUBlit
* FBlit
* FText
* IconBeFast
* SetPatch 44.38 (R_WriteChunkyPixel and R_WritePixelLine8
They are now built in.

SetPatch 44.39
Disabled R_WriteChunkyPixel and R_WritePixelLine8.

SuperPlus monitor driver 40.2
An ECS/AGA driver with 800x600 70ns mode, about 70% faster than
Super72 in 256 colours. It can provide support for ECS at 800x600 in
16 colors out of 4096, and is also interesting for the AGA chipset,
because it uses the "HiRes" mode with 70ns instead "SuperHiRes" with
35ns pixel clock. The display DMA is not as heavily loaded as it is
with Super72 and display operations are faster.

wizard.library 45.1
Provides a nicer MUI/Zune look and is optimized for 68020 and up.

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