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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Is this purely academic or is there some specific goal ?
The goal is the same as for anyone who wants to release a DOS executable on floppy - demos, games, or just a DPaint/Protracker disk with as much chipmem free as possible. If you've done a good job and maximized use of chipmem, this could eliminate all manual handling. Like switching the DF1 to off with the switch on it, or do it by clicking in a bootblock, or click in ACA500 menu, etc.

So the CLI window should open, just smaller, and in 1 bitplane. Not opened big in 2 bitplanes and then re-allocated which while showing a higher number in Avail fragments the memory and is generally not usable.

And the system should be prevented from allocating chip buffers for DF1-DF3 (or if already done, a way to unmount them and free the chip+fastmem used by them).
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