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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
You're either overdoing it or not doing your research well enough.
If I would rate in terms of focused research of what I've done so far on a scale of 0 to 10, it'd probably be a 2.

1: Simple forum and search engine searches on the topic (~15 minutes);
2: Look through a random handful of issues to search for any reference on sales figures, taking note of what HDD sizes and prices where in ads (~1 hour);
[we are here]
3. Look through 20+ more magazines to find additional references, starting to gather data in a spreadsheet (~3 hours);

With each additional integer increase on the scale I have in mind, it implies an exponential increase in time needed to reach it, unless there are additional leads. Three additional hours dedicated to this particular search, IMHO would be overdoing it. I might get those three hours down as I do other searches on different topics and take notes along the way.

Anyway, if there are no more leads on where to narrow the search down to find some hard sales figures on HDD sizes sold with A1200s, I'll just take the MB per £ ratios in the ads and go with the size below the one with the best ratio. For what I intend, that's a good enough compromise.
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