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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
Most of that doesn't sound very factual, and certainly doesn't match my experiences.

Any Amiga can use HD floppies (formatted to 1760kB) if you have a high-density drive, but only the A4000 came with one. This is another thing where the market chose the lowest common denominator, not a technical limitation. Just like with the joysticks.
So, its the third parties to blame for the Amiga not coping with the time after 1985? If Amiga games were released on HD disks instead 2 DD disks and requiring 3 buttons Joysticks instead of single button, all the people would have bought HD floppy drives and 3 button Joysticks, the Amiga 500 (Batman pack for example) would had HD floppy and 3 button joystick in the pack and eventually slot for off the shelf hard drive. But then, it was Commodore's responsibility to give software and hardware manufacturers directions and demand to support the latest technologies available. If HD external floppies were available for Amiga back in 1980-es, everyone would buy them for having extra space, the software publishers would had published DD and HD floppy versions of the games, and eventually only HD floppy versions with possibility to boot from DF1: and eventually the HD floppy would had come as a standard. It was easy to create a new standard if the third parties wanted to enforce it. Remember, the Amiga 1MB is not stock Amiga option. The 512 KB expansion memory was third party trapdoor addition, but almost everyone in early 1990-ies had it, because without it many cool games didn't work.
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