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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
I would be interested in this also if it wasn't so risky, chances are you will get caught eventually by Microsoft for Jtagging your Xbox, and then your console becomes pretty useless, you can't do anything that requires the internet, such as get DLC, game updates, play online, chat to friends.

Price is just too high to pay for an Amiga emulator methinks, i'd rather just use my real Amiga which is right next to my 360, or go downstairs and use my PC.
a jtagged xbox 360 is the best one you could have... you have the options of copying all your dvds to a usb drive (up to 2TB) and play from there. You have pretty well all the console emulators, you can still watch movies, you can still play all the xblive games and get the DLC without the need of going online. and... (I saved the best for last)

you can play online using the xlink kai service.

It is freaking awesome!!!

forgot to mention, you can also play backups of nearly every xbox 1 games (even ones that M$ never officially supported)

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