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Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
why not use any of the hundred other programs with more functionality/hardware support/easier to setup/etc.?
Of which you've listed how many by name?

Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
Setup takes a while, it's high maintenance and very easily broken.
Not sure about the linux version but the Windows7 version installs with no setup and works fine and is pretty much impossible to break.

Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
At the end of the day, I could just use a default player and not lose much.
Which "default player"? Certainly not Windows Media Centre 11 cos it doesn't play some of the more popular codecs out of the box.

I'm interested to consider other alternatives. Get me some details so I can try them.

Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
if you want to watch 1080p x264, then xbmc on some htpc is a decent choice. if you dont care so much about hd, xbmc4xbox on an xbox can be a good cost effective choice still (although if you transcode you can do 720p on an xbox1).
I've found that my xbox1 with XBMC cannot play 99% of scene x264 720p files One of the main reasons I'm looking for an alternative. I wonder if I can get a upnp server to transcode to 720p xvid or something on the fly?

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