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From memory (which is fading fast lol), the games below I've definitely completed without any cheats:

Beneath A Steel Sky
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Second Samurai
Simon the Sorcerer
Desert Strike
James Pond
Lemmings 2: The Tribes
Cannon Fodder
Lotus (all three)
Another World (what an ecstatic feeling I got on completion)
Outrun (Poor port I thought though and looooong loading times)
Shadow of the Beast
Lost Vikings
All the Monkey Island games
Rodland (didn't find that difficult)

I couldn't tell you how long in hours it had taken me to complete any of the above. Most of them I had taken a break with and returned to a few days/weeks later.

Probably a few more I had completed but possibly with a cheat of some form. Examples: Project X (one tough cookie!), Chaos Engine, Turrican, SWIV, to name a few.
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