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@FOL: Tried not turbo. And I'm using the ARM expansion. NORMAL vs TURBO CPU speed doesn't seem to cause much trouble for compatibility: it simply tends to make games faster or smoother, but it doesn't affect compatibility that much. Tried anyway, no difference.

@Photon: Minimig has came to a point where incompatibilities are very rare, and in most cases they come from bad ADFs or installs. In fact, even those games DO work on the Minimig anyway in ADF form. But I get your point: WHDLoad adds a new complex enviroment to take into account for compatibility, and the Minimig was designed as an Amiga500 replacement in the first place. It's just thanks to the AWESOME work of people like Yaqube, Boing4000, MikeJ, etc... that things went much further, with fast HDD support, faster 68000, improved chipset implementation..
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