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Sundown Demoparty (UK) 2008 12-14th September 2008

Pardon the assault, a first post on this legendary board and I've got an agenda! Anyhow, here goes:

The UK Scene once again stubles into weary but productive action for our seaside yearly party jaunt; Sundown 2008 - the parrot might be dead but our scene is far from it!

Come party with us in the sunny South-West town of Budleigh Salterton, a place where the average age is probably 85 and the off licenses shut at 9:30pm, where the pebble beach provides a temporal tranquility from the non-stop party atmosphere in the local but tried and tested party hall.

Already we have around 50 people stating their intention to come to Sundown, and around 26 "maybe's". We have capacity for 100 so can easily accomodate the entire French demoscene three times over (unless Willbe counts as three sceners, he is very good)!

This year party treats come in the form of:

- A soundsystem that this year will probably not catch on fire!
- Our mega big super screen (stretch out your arms as far as they can go, IT'S BIGGER!!!11)
- Lots of competitions - Many are OPEN for remote participation
- Bitfellas exclusive competitions for old and new school goodness
- Probably free food and beer if we can (I usually do)

So get on up and come along if you can. It's £20 for International visitors and £30 for UK visitors.

For those who want to use cheap airlines and connect via Bristol or London, contact me directly or use the ukdemoscene forums, many sceners are offering "sundown shuttle" lifts from Airports to the party. If you are arriving in any train station or Airport around Exeter, I personally will arrange for you to get taken to the party directly - it's worth noting that a DIRECT train service exists from London to Exeter St. Davids train station.

The past has had good Amiga coverage with releases from Tolou, Iris, a regular 4 channel mod and synth chip-tune compo. This year we will have Xeron of Iris (maker of HivelyTracker) and awesome virtuoso Syphus visit as well, representing the Amiga corner - no word from Bonkers/Tolou yet, but he has been to existing parties. We also have Buzz from Exotica coming along again this year.

Hope this is all cool! Check the invite out (typical Amiga adorage in there) and the website:

Feel free to ask me any questions, and hopefully I'll see you at the party!

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