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Ah, I know that mouse - been painting some

On the underside there should be a manufacturer's lable going most of the width located between the ball opening (oo-er) & the 1/2 moon shaped friction pad @ the back.

If true - removing that lable (with a craft knife) shoud reveal two deep holes with cross-head screws @ the base.

With those out the rear of the mouse should open without a struggle (oo-er again) but the front won't! Holding the lower 1/2 firmly, pull the top 1/2 up @ the same time as pushing it forward should release the clip @ the front.

Once inside your mouse (fnar-fnar) there should be two little buttons @ the front mounted to the circuit board. Do they both go 'click'..? Good - it's probably crap(tm) gumming up the keys in the main shell - time to give your dirty mouse a good scrubbing. (ooeor-matron)

If the little button(s) don't go 'click' they are probably buggered - how good is your soldering..?

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