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16.6 Released

***  16.6 (05.06.2006)
	- fix:	no more enforcer hits (byte read from adr 0) on directory cache
		preload on FFS filesystems (Christian)
	- upd:	italian documentation is in sync again, thanks David Bergantin
		for updating it
	- upd:	small enhancement for HrtMon to print out expmem boundaries
	- fix:	no longer complains about missing ENV: assign
	- fix:	bus/address error messages on 68000 corrected
	- fix:	the message returned on interrupted resload functions did have
		the same name for both functions, this has been corrected
	- chg:	argument checking for resload functions improved, now the
		current stack can not be overwritten by resload functions (size
		of reserved stack space is 64 bytes)
	- new:	command GA added to resload_Patch/Seg to get a address and store
		it inside a variable in the slave
	- fix:	modify at ExpMem via resload_Patch works again, was permitted
		in version 16.5
	- chg:	kickemu improved, compiles with PhxAss and AsmOne again, new
		switch NO68020 for kick31.s to get 68000 compatible code,
		patches to the kickstart added to avoid overwriting the vector
		table, this allows WHDLoad to catch exceptions also on 68000
		(Don Adan)
	- new:	greek translation of documentation, thanks to Dimitris
		Panokostas of ATO
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