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okay sure, 2 installs;

first is stardust, the icon looks mostly red and black with bits of yellow and green as if it wants to use a specified palette, but the workbench ones (grey, cyan, black, white, red, yellow, green and blue) make it look wrong.

the next is overlander, which was one of yours, which again, looks to have the same 'problem'. (the icons arent garbled or anything) are they only supposed to be used with the 4 color workbench? or is there a 'whdload recommended palette' or something? or perhaps thats just how they are?

as for my workbench, it's just a standard install done with the normal disks, so if i need any little enhancements, it's pretty much a given that they arent installed.

i remember i used to make icons by dithering a picture into the workbench palette using adpro, they looked nice on a TV, but shite on a monitor


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