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Originally Posted by pincoo View Post
Ok, you find the images of the AKT behaviour signal test. Both of them are done with disk inserted.

I have a multimeter but I'm not an expert. If you kindly tell me where I have to put the multimeter pins on the drive and what is the measure I will be happy to do it. .

For A1011 as DF1, the Amiga is detecting it - so the controller is responding.

But the first issue is that there is a message saying that it cannot find track 0. This can either be because the track motor is not working - so it cannot get to track 0. Or, the track 0 sensor or signal is not working.

I would first check all the pins on the external drive DB23 connector has continuity to the corresponding pins on the 24-pin connector/socket inside the floppy drive enclosure. Then check that GND, 5V and 12V are getting through to the controller board and to the floppy drive - you have to try to trace where these go/are.
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