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This morning I repaired my CUMANA drive (I hope). The problem was on the disk presence pin . The circuit for the presence disk pin and RW pin was dirt. I cleaned it and the drive worked. I committed only one error: when I opened the circuit of the 2-pin switch I lost a little spring (in the mechanism there were 2, one for each pin), so I chose to save the presence pin and to render functionless the RW pin. Now when I use the CUMANA df2 i must remember that I have no pretection agains unwanted disk writes...
Do you know where can I buy some little pin spring?

Now the problem is the A1011. The problem is that when plugged into Amiga, the computer try to initialize it (the front led lights up for a while...) but nothing happens, I cannot hear the classic "Click" emitted by a good drive. If I insert a disk nothing happens, the OS always report me df1:???? icon and both Amiga Test Kit and DriveTest cannot control it.
How can I begin my debug? Solarmon suggested me to put the A1011 floppy drive in the shell of a good drive. I can't do it because the A1011 is the only one that has no rear floppy port and its cable drive-side connector is very different from the other drive-side connectors.

Thank you very much again,

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