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ACA500Plus Issues


2x ACA500Plus boards arrived today, Thanks Jens.

My mate brought his amiga round to mine and we tested them both.

They both seem to work fine on his, but on mine they dont.

On mine they startup to the menu, I can see the options, and the parallax star-field, but the keyboard is frozen, so I cant select anything, and the board itself is displaying 99.

On my mate's amiga both start up ok, and they both show FE on the display. He can then select a profile and boot it.

we went right back to stock on both machines, removing the trapdoor expansion, and the rom switcher on mine (put 1.3 back on the board). this made no difference.

Both Amiga's are Rev 6A, Mine is from 89 and is a green PCB, and his is from 91 and a brown PCB. Both machines were running on the same PSU, a Meanwell RPT-60B

Interestingly, it is significantly more difficult to install the car on mine than on his, making us think my PCB is thicker.

Also, my Action replay MkIII is working fine on this Amiga.

I'm completely out of ideas.

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