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Hello from sweden

i finally catched one of them i sold 20 years ago… idnt know it was my old, the plan was just to borrow one for composing some 4ch music
i really wanted back my a4k cstorm 060, cvgfx and a huge extensions but the family to my friend "who died" throw all in the dumpster..
but i got one of 1200, 030.. with one of my old hardrives.. insteed of music i was my old animation, schoolprojects from 1998..
but wow! so greatly happy for this support from my friend in Delsbo.
so i send it for recap and searched for a proper screen..
i finally manage to create a tune.. it was extremly fun and the satisfaction, and nostalgic memories is a part of the creation.. next up is dpaint, and some more tunes hehe. 40 years old but 15 in my mind

now im setting upp a winuae in the laptop for comfortly tracking in the couch when my family is asleep but having real troubles with the sound.. posted a topic in support about that..

btw the if u want to hear the tune follow the link to Youtube, i have pressed the pan to middle 75% for comfortly listening and through a mixer, no added effects ore addons, simply pure from musicline Editor.. never early tried that editor so it was a challenge to learn the software.

[ Show youtube player ]

Kind Regards
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