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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
The easiest way would be to put an assign in user-startup and just leave out the directory in Workbench. The only difference is that it does not use dirname/ but as icon.
Thanks! I forgot to mention: I am searching for a solution for Kickstart 1.3.
I know, on 3.1 you can check out a dir. But not on 1.3.

IIRC there is a special assign command in the multiuser package which also adds a volume node to the DOS list so that it appears on the desktop.
That would be perfect. Where can I find this package?

Edit: Is it util/misc/MultiUser18bin.lha - Aminet ?
I tried but you have to patch files and format with the included multiuser filesystem, I don't really want to go this raod.

A Assign Command that adds a volume node working under 1.3 would be perfect.

This would enable you to have a multiboot 3.1.4/1.3 System on one partition.

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