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Ryzen 3900X installed. 2*8G RAM 3600 (CAS latency 18) (Going to get 3733 2x16G sticks later with 17 latency). Asus ROG STRIX X470-F.

Not that useful WinUAE tests:

AIBB Sort: 80 -> 138, BeachBall 101 -> 150 (1886 -> 2357 JIT). Don't ask about SysInfo. It has too stupid code and so short code that emulation hot path probably fits almost completely in L1 cache.. I think my overclocked 6700k results were still slightly higher, at least in SysInfo..

AIBB probably also fits in L2 cache. Larger programs (or PPC emulation) probably are noticeably faster due to huge L3 cache.

WinUAE compilation is MUCH faster (at least over 2x faster)

EDIT: Above results are compared to Ryzen 2700X.

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