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Mystery deepens!

Obtained a copy of Sporting Winners that is a compilation including Brian Clough's Football Fortunes and that has everything as the first post, including the Trophy Cards. Only minor discrepancy is it has 114 player cards as Red Attacker 3 Star cards there only 5 not 6! First post edited as it states 117 Player cards when it should be 115!

No mention of the Trophy Cards in the instructions again so really have no clue as to what purpose they serve?

So, does anyone have connections with any ex CDS employees or the programmers to ask? HOL has no listing for the 'Artists' on Brian Clough's Football Fortunes and WOS only lists the Spectrum Author as 'ROB', cpcrulez and bbcmicro mentions Mike Williams as the Author for the Amstrad CPC/BBC yet looking on HOL he's only listed as a 'Graphician' not programmer and Mobygames only lists Nik Sen of Cirrus Software for the C16/C64 versions!
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