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Have now obatined another copy of this game and all the cards are intact, not separated from each other and it matches the 112 Player Cards, 10 Blank Player Cards and 6 Immunity Cards of the above plus all the other bits! There are 8 perforated cards with 16 game cards on each one, so that totals 128 cards and matches the total on the box, 112 + 10 + 6 = 128.

However, there are no Trophy Cards (League or Cup Winners) and they are not mentioned in the manual either? There is an Archimedes version for sale here:
That shows the Trophy Cards so have no idea what they are for?

There was also a Board Game of this released using the same cards called Super League Football Manager:
This shows the Trophy Cards as well so again, no idea why some copies of the computer version had those Trophy Cards and other versions didn't and what purpose they served? Did they mistakenly put these cards in the the computer version when making the Board Game I wonder?
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