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Originally Posted by grond View Post
It's a fact that Hyperion are notorious for being bankrupt.
Be careful what you say or it may be slander. You are already walking a fine line as the bankruptcy was reversed so it never happened. Perhaps more accurately would be to state, "Hyperion is notorious for having been declared bankrupt."

Originally Posted by grond View Post
In any case, I don't believe they put any money into the deal. As I already said, I believe that their consent was required which caused money to go into their direction and not the opposite. This is, of course, speculative but it makes sense and fits the different pieces of information, rumours and informed opinions about the subject much better than the hilarious idea that Hyperion would spend any money (let alone a significant sum that you couldn't afford) for P96 sources they don't need and that according to you yourself are not likely to return any profits in the near future.

Is this clear enough about the speculative nature of what I'm writing?
It's very similar to speculation of my own that A-Eon now controls (as majority shareholder) Hyperion. The Hyperion business was necessary to continue by name because of the Amiga Inc. contract so they could have just become a software house for A-Eon.
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