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I think you are right in your criticism of the style and content of my posts. They do often have a derailing effect, which is understantably contentious. Perhaps I am also moralizing to people whom I have no real right to moralize. I hope you can see however, that these actions are borne out of a certain empassioned frustration. I have had countless years with this community, and I have reached a breaking point regarding certain aspects of it which seem self-destructive and problematic (to say the very least). Now I have some resources and some motivation to perhaps help guide things to a better place, and I simply want to do that. As silly, hopeless, or even misguided as this may seem to you, I would like to leave the house in a better condition than I found it.

So yeah, why didn't I step in at any point before and attempt to acquire Picasso96? Why didn't I do so many things that I should have done in this life. But here we are in the present moment, and I present to you what I can offer now. You may not agree that my comments are "constructive", and you may be right, but I am attempting to lend you a bit of my passion here, strongly suggesting that there is a better way overall.
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