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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I am evaluating the possibility. In essence, we need to make sure that commercial projects based on P96 (such as OS4 and another, not yet disclosed project) are still possible.
Why should there be a problem? I do software license compatibility checks in my work. The GPL is not infective (the infamous "copyleft effect") as long as you are linking dynamically (otherwise you couldn't run ANY closed-source software on a Linux system because of the glibc).

Dynamic linking is the absolute norm for Amiga software. I don't see why a card driver interfacing the P96 core or a program calling rtg-functions should be at the risk of being infected by the GPL. This is all dynamically linked.

This comes down to releasing P96 under two licenses, and by that, creating two forks; one open-source that no commercial developer should look at in order not to "infect" the commercial code he's writing, and another open-source fork that does not have anyone "in charge".
Sounds like selling the cake and still have it...
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