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And Jens what about the issues I'd like fixed is $15 not enough? I'd be willing to go as high as $30. If Jens won't fix the couple little things I'll give THIRTY USD to anyone who does.

Personally I prefer P96 over CGX, and I would suggest to anyone who is daunted by P96Mode to try using umc.lha on Aminet. Ceaich from the Vampire team turned me on to it and makes defining new screenmodes so incredibly easy. Basically you just say 800x480@60hz and it spits out the numbers to put into P96mode, maybe some very minor tweaks like position need adjusting but mostly you don't have to.

Of course you have the couple boards that CGX supports that P96 doesn't like Cybervision and Bvision PPC (maybe others) would be nice if they were supported in P96 not that I think this would happen or is practical. Also screen-dragging in CGX is a feature I haven't used in so long I forgot it existed it would be nice if someone added this to P96 but I'm not holding my breath.

Also Picasso 96 is one of the worst names imaginable which needs to be replaced with something that is timeless and describes the thing that it is supposed to be. List of possible ideas:
Trumped Display System
Miley Cyrus Graphics
Thing for making Workbench look better (TFMWLB)
CustomChipsetExit (CCExit)
Progressive Retargetable Graphics System (PRTG)

I'll think of five more tomorrow.
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