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Originally Posted by Zippy Zapp View Post
Define around here. Kansas? I am in California and there is quite an active Amiga user base here. And I don't know anyone that gets ridiculed over using a classic computer! People I talk to about it have fond memories and think it is cool. Even some in the younger generation. I have several icomp hardware add-ons including an ACA500, ACA500+, ACA1220 and others. And yes so do some around me even just around the corner in my own town. I am not the only one that prefers actual hardware to software emulation.
I am talking about Kansas City area which is less people and less density of people. There are people here who have fond memories if you bring up the Amiga. Don't tell anyone you still have and use them and don't mention anything about improving them. I get gossip about being the guy "who still uses an Amiga". It is usually not to my face but sometimes I receive derogatory remarks and jokes about the Amiga. I usually happily ignore such remarks but I was set back when I gave an Ethernet card to an Amiga friend who ran an Ethernet cable up to his computer room where he put his now online Amiga 2000. His wife approached me and told me "don't encourage him" before his Amiga was moved back into the basement. The ridicule is not going to come from people in Amiga user groups or retro computer gatherings but they are only a handful of people around here.
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