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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Jens, thanks for your efforts, but proprietary software is not helpful, especially for a hobbyist platform. Can we just crowdfund-purchase the whole of P96 back from you, to be *entirely* released as GPL? I offer the first USD $10,000.
I am evaluating the possibility. In essence, we need to make sure that commercial projects based on P96 (such as OS4 and another, not yet disclosed project) are still possible. This comes down to releasing P96 under two licenses, and by that, creating two forks; one open-source that no commercial developer should look at in order not to "infect" the commercial code he's writing, and another open-source fork that does not have anyone "in charge". So maybe the choice of GPLv2 is not compatible with the plans we have. A BSD license may, though, but it'll take a lot more than $10k.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
I doubt very much that the sum was much higher than thousand euros. After all Hyperion are part of the deal and notorious for being bankrupt. And I never considered Jens Schönfeld to be a person willing to spend more than necessary and justified by the expected return on investment.
Badmouthing does not help. Especially not your own reputation.

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