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Writing a program for WarpOS is not a trivial task. You have to strongly optimize the code to avoid context switches. Each call to an OS function implies two context switches (PPC to 68k and back).

For example if you call a series of graphics routines like this:

SetAPen (rp,2);
Move (rp,50,100);
Draw (rp,50,50);
Draw (rp,200,50);
SetAPen (rp,1);
Draw (rp,200,100);
Draw (rp,50,100);
then you can watch it drawing lines one by one. You'll have to move this into a 68k subroutine which does all calls at once.

GUI programming in WarpOS is a no-go and I suppose that you will have a lot of work optimizing gfx and sound output, keyboard and mouse input and disk access of DosBox.

In a 68k environment you can only benefit from the PPC if you have long-running functions for which you can collect all input data, then call it to do its function and only return back with the result.

All interaction between 68k and PPC only slows down the program.
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