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Originally Posted by esc View Post
1 - StormC 4
2 - vbcc (only for c not c++ so not a solution unless I'm wrong)
Those two have been the only real WarpOS C compilers, following the WarpOS-ABI (a modified PowerOpen-ABI).

3 - Cross compile from within macos or linux
I remember there have been free gcc (2.95.x and egcs) compiler ports for WarpOS, using the V.4-ABI, doing WarpOS system-calls through stub functions, which temporarily created a PowerOpen-ABI stack frame. Not the optimal solution, but worked to some degree.

As far as StormC 4, I'd gladly purchase it now but can't find anyone currently selling it with it in stock
It can still be ordered from "Alinea Computer", for 50 Euros:

As for vbcc, that only seems to work with c code, not c++. Since I want to port the already existing dosbox package instead of doing a rewrite this is not a solution either.
Just switch to an initial project in C.

Cross compiling on OSX or linux seems complicated. If I were to set up a dev environment do to this, what all would I need? Please be explicit because I can't find decent documentation
Building a PowerPC cross compiler with gcc is not that difficult, when you stick to the common V.4-ABI. But then you have to find matching linker libraries, which can do the above-mentioned stack frame translation.

You could reuse libraries and headers from old WarpUp-gcc releases, but I don't know where they are gone. There's nothing on Aminet.
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