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WarpOS Programming Help?

Hi guys,

I'd like to try porting some stuff to Amiga/WarpOS. Initially I'd like to port DosBox. I write code in linux but have never written anything for Amiga. I've looked around and there seem to be several potential solutions to building a proper dev environment to undertake this. What do you recommend? Here's what I've found:

1 - StormC 4
2 - vbcc (only for c not c++ so not a solution unless I'm wrong)
3 - Cross compile from within macos or linux

As far as StormC 4, I'd gladly purchase it now but can't find anyone currently selling it with it in stock, and furthermore, I'm in Iraq and it take a very long time to ship things here. I wish I could purchase an ISO like I basically did with AmigaOS 4.1 FE Classic. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that's an option.

As for vbcc, that only seems to work with c code, not c++. Since I want to port the already existing dosbox package instead of doing a rewrite this is not a solution either.

Cross compiling on OSX or linux seems complicated. If I were to set up a dev environment do to this, what all would I need? Please be explicit because I can't find decent documentation

I'm happy to spend money on getting something like this set up - for development packages and such. Any help is much appreciated!
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