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MMULib m68k: The mmu.library is a basis for MMU (memory management) related functions the
MC68K family can perform. Up to now certain hacks are available that program
the MMU themselves (Enforcer,CyberGuard,GuardianAngle,SetCPU,Shapeshifter,
It's therefore not unexpected that these tools conflict with each other.
There's up to now no Os support for the MMU at all - the gap this mmu.library

The goal is to provide a basis of functions to address and program the MMU in
a hardware independent, Os friendly fashion. Hence, the new version of the
Enforcer, called MuForce, will work together with virtual memory, and others.

The mmu.library is also the basis for the virtual memory project, the
memory.library. Even though the mmu.library does not provide virtual memory
itself, it builds the basics to allow an easy implementation and to avoid the
hacks required by other implementations so far.

The memory.library is now complete and can be found in this archive.

Requires: 68020/68851, 68030, 68040 or 68060 with a working MMU

MMULib v46.15: Download
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