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It's... Guess The Screenshot: May 10


1). Only 1 screenshot post at a time.

2). Winner is the only person who can post screenshots OR they can nominate another member.

3). Screenshots must be from Amiga (Obviously) games only.

4). Screenshots can have a minimum shot size of 60x60 pixels (NOT ZOOMED/RESIZED). This also includes ensuring WinUAE is setup correctly. Please ensure that you select a screensize of 320x200/256, Line doubling is off and lo-res is ticked.

5). Ridiculous shots (i.e not legible as a game) will be removed and the previous screenshot poster can have another go

6). Screenshot must be from a COMMERCIAL or well known PD release and can be from any part except the cracktro etc.

7). 5 Points for a correct answer, 1 point per day for the poster if his screenshot is not guessed (point is awarded after 24 hours from when the screenshot was posted).

8). League table will be kept in the post directly after this one.

9). Anyone posting screenshots when it's NOT their go will lose a point and the post deleted.

10). If a new game isn't posted within 24 hrs of getting the answer confirmed correct then the player forfeits their go and the previous player chooses who is next.

11). Only one guess per person per hour UNLESS somebody else guesses within that hour AND the poster has to say whether it is/isn't correct.

12). Have fun.

Any rule breaks will result in the go being disqualified and a point deducted from score.
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