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Enabled Null filter, exported uncompressed .avi, extracted all the frames as .tga, stepped through them with ACDSee - not a single doubled or skipped frame!

Encoded the known flawless uncompressed .avi with TSCC in VirtualDub, exported it as images, and perfect again!

Got a tip to get MPC (_not_ WMP!) - I've always sworn by VLC, and this PC is Microsoft-addon-free. But whaddya know, MPC played it near to perfect @ 100 Hz!

Upgraded VLC from 0.8.6c to 0.8.6d and spent 20 mins trying misc option for performance, still lags like hell - doesn't seem to be made for >30fps. It's forthwith been demoted to 'backup player if good player can't decode it' status.

Now to find out if encoding with h264 to .mp4 will cause framerate smoothness degradation, and if reducing to 25fps with motion blur will make it look better for people with crappy players

Feel free to label this thread "NOT A PROBLEM"

In the meantime, any recommendations for video players for 'above average' framerates?

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