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Originally Posted by wairnair View Post
No. I have a TF330 which has 64MB fast + 68030RC50 cpu + HD (Compact Flash). (Wouldn't work on stock machine at all, you need plenty of RAM for running both os's + an MMU capable CPU)

My thinking first was to produce an ISO that I can just pop in and play a mac game. On second thought it could be very slow/limited. I might give it a try nevertheless, but first the mumove4k/prepareemul thing has to be worked out.
but maybe is better to load shapeshifter aver you boot into your workbench. because there are so many variable to consider like "prepareEmul" and "MacMem" and other things that you have to load at boot. i don't know if you can do it at boot.
i have some problem with an HD, but i'd like to see if it works (however i try with WinUAE to make more faster).
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