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Trade Mac g3 300/400 or A1200 for an A1200 accellerator

Hi all

I am trying to get an accellerator for one of my A1200.
I see few out there but a bit too expensive for me.
I have plenty of computers to justify the extra cost to my family. they don't understand the Amiga love. so I have to give up some of my stuff.

here is the list

1) one A1200 with HD fully working (I have 2 so)
2) lost of floppy and books
3) a hardware copier (2 floppy drive connected together with a software to copy any kind of floppy) very old but good stuff in the '90
4) a Mac G3 300 mgh with 128 mb ram and 10 gb ram (beige)
5) a iMac (blue) G3 400 mgh with 128 mb ram and 10 gb HD (monitor don't work)

I'll trade any or all of this items for a working accellerator for an A1200.

I am in London UK so I am sorry for US guys but I can't post any of this stuff to US.

If anyone is interested in any of the stuff you can PM me or add a comment in the tread

Thanx to all


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