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Re: What a waste of effort and time.

Originally posted by shands
The thing back in those days that really narked me with Amiga was the people who wrote programs, or thought they could write them. You know the ones, they put them onto magazine disks and give endless spouting on, on how good they are themselves and how good their program is.
Where do you got that from? I never seen anybody advertising their program on a coverdisk and tell us it's the best program ever made.

When you go and load it and try running it you find half of it is missing or it doesn't work at all. Even following to the letter the instructions printed in the magazine.
You need to put the disk into the floppy.

What you end up with. Pages and pages of the same crap I used to see in the Amiga magazines. How good me and my mates are. This program will blow you away. etc etc etc.....
Give me the URL to such a site.

After searching through I found an emulator that supposed to suffice. Managed to get it loaded and running. After finding the Workbench, and Rom on the web. Not the 1.3 I ran on the A500, but the 3.1.

Okay, I here you cry, you supposed to use your original copy.
Who gives a fuck about what you're using?

Well back into the www again to find the answer. After wading through all the spouting about how good we are and the rest, I find a little program that supposed to convert from Amiga format to PC format, or something like that.
Yeah, more something 'like that' than converting Amiga format to the PC one.

Back into web we go again and find another little program in amongst the crap that supposed to do the converting as well. Downloaded and sets up nicely…BUT!!!! This file format it is saved to isn’t supported by the emulator. Try renaming…hahahaha.
Maybe you could tell us the name of that program? If it is Disk2Fdi, did you try the /S option? Can you read a manual at least?

Found something… at last we maybe getting there. Hang on, you need a special bit as well as the program and it only works under Linex. Well that lots counted out. Linex, how many people with PC’s use that????
Nobody, because Linex doesn't exist AFAIK. (You know what AFAIK means, don't you?)

I wouldn’t ask him for instructions to the loo from the lounge, he wouldn’t be too sure, you might end up peeing in the sink in the kitchen.
Yeah, and nobody asked for your posting here.

Bugger, forgot to mark the page. All you can remember is something about pin 30 on the tape and drive and it takes about 10 minutes to do.
Too bad... poor little guy... *pats head*

They still write pages and pages of shit about how good they and their programs are.
Again: URL?

They are quick to show off how they done it with scrolls and scrolls of technical data, but forget the simple installing instructions and how to get the layman interested in it. They are in a world of their own coming up the rear.
For the last time: RTFM. Do you know what RTFM means? Do you know how to turn on a computer?

The simple answer I really want is to be able to slam an Amiga disc into the neighbours floppy I have installed on my PC and read it as normal through the emulator. If someone can remember or knows of the page concerning the pin 30 bit or author of it, please let me know.

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