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Roll eyes (sarcastic) What a waste of effort and time.

I bought an A500 years ago. Great computer, learnt a lot from it. I progressed, self-taught, but Amiga didn't. (Though they like to think they did)
The thing back in those days that really narked me with Amiga was the people who wrote programs, or thought they could write them. You know the ones, they put them onto magazine disks and give endless spouting on, on how good they are themselves and how good their program is. When you go and load it and try running it you find half of it is missing or it doesn't work at all. Even following to the letter the instructions printed in the magazine. Well, gave up buying those magazines and accepting demo disks from friends, waste of time.
Had, and still got some great programs for the Amiga. Can't fault them on the graphics and video programs. They are nicely tucked away in a large box at back of cupboard.

Well time goes by and as Amiga was faltering, as well as my one starting to give up, I made the reluctant change to PC. If I wanted to progress in this world, I had to change over. At this stage I was running a business and keeping records for an association, plus overlaying videos using a Genlock. Learning Microsoft Office programs to me was easy, as the same type of things as spreadsheets etc were on the Amiga programs. I found learning MSAccess a lot easier than others, as this too had the basics on Amiga. Paint and Graphic programs were easy to follow as well. Also noticed the authors of these PC programs, had seen they names on Amiga programs.

Well I progressed from the little 486 PC to the one I have now running 700mhz and heaps of grunt for what I do. But, those programs I have for the Amiga keep popping up in my memory. Some of them would be ideal for what I am doing. So thinks I, lets convert them over to PC. So into the World Wide Web I go, search for Amiga. Wow!! up came the answers on how to do it. Yeah Right!!!

What you end up with. Pages and pages of the same crap I used to see in the Amiga magazines. How good me and my mates are. This program will blow you away. etc etc etc.....

After searching through I found an emulator that supposed to suffice. Managed to get it loaded and running. After finding the Workbench, and Rom on the web. Not the 1.3 I ran on the A500, but the 3.1.
Okay, I here you cry, you supposed to use your original copy. Soooo, answer me this, how the bloody hell am I supposed to remove a copy from the original without the A500?
Well back into the www again to find the answer. After wading through all the spouting about how good we are and the rest, I find a little program that supposed to convert from Amiga format to PC format, or something like that. Well, I download and set it up. You need 2 disk drives, no problem. Rip the covers of the machine and add one in, great we are in business. Yeah Right!!
Start up the program again, rubbing my hands together in glee. Going to be able to use those video programs again. Wait for it... THIS PROGRAM IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!
Hang on... let's go back and read the guff that comes with it again. Yes it states that my machine should be more than adequate to run it.
Well my mate’s computer has arrived for slight repairs and de-bugging, little smaller than mine, wonder if his will run it. Low and behold it does. Put the emulator in his and we will be away. Wrooooong!! No such luck, won’t even think about it. So now we have two computers with the different parts needed to get things going, besides the next-door neighbour wants his floppy drive back sometime soon.
Back into web we go again and find another little program in amongst the crap that supposed to do the converting as well. Downloaded and sets up nicely…BUT!!!! This file format it is saved to isn’t supported by the emulator. Try renaming…hahahaha.

Well let’s try and solve the problem another way. See if we can find anything that will let the Amiga disk be read in the PC floppy. Pages and pages of can’t, can’t, can’t.
Found something… at last we maybe getting there. Hang on, you need a special bit as well as the program and it only works under Linex. Well that lots counted out. Linex, how many people with PC’s use that???? Might as well be in the middle of a desert.
Arrrr… found someone who might have it. Instructions and photos on how to convert your floppy over to read Amiga format. I will not copy and paste the instructions given here as it may prove embarrassing to the original writer. But I will say this. I wouldn’t ask him for instructions to the loo from the lounge, he wouldn’t be too sure, you might end up peeing in the sink in the kitchen.

Tis now 3am on the 2nd day of this sorte and a page comes up on how to swap your floppy over. You read it through tired eyes and look at the easy to follow diagrams. Yes you think, this is the answer and switch off and go to bed. Bugger, forgot to mark the page. All you can remember is something about pin 30 on the tape and drive and it takes about 10 minutes to do.

My wander back into Amiga territory has now finished with the conclusion that the people who still use them have not improved since the early 80’s. They still write pages and pages of shit about how good they and their programs are. They are quick to show off how they done it with scrolls and scrolls of technical data, but forget the simple installing instructions and how to get the layman interested in it. They are in a world of their own coming up the rear.

The simple answer I really want is to be able to slam an Amiga disc into the neighbours floppy I have installed on my PC and read it as normal through the emulator. If someone can remember or knows of the page concerning the pin 30 bit or author of it, please let me know.
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