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Originally Posted by Bastich View Post
Right Finally been into the office and chatted with Graham. (Dactal Nightmare designer). The very oldest systems (Amiga) used POTs to read angles (3DOF not 6DOF). After that it was all magnetic tracking systems (Polyphemus with the occasional Ascension) and PCs (486 I think).

I found some old Virtuality hardware (Dev systems). They are going to the Leicester computer museum soon. I will try and get access​ again to them before then and try and image their hard drives

Wow, I`m the Retro-VR guy, Simon from the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester.
I look after the 4 VR machines we have there as well as 2 I have at home.
I have met Graham, and he mentioned letting me have those `dev` (not dev) systems for my collection.
Those systems are called Elysium`s - I`m not 100% sure what they were used for - but I`d still love them in my collection!

As for imaging the hard drives...
The games like Dactyl Nightmare & Exorex (that Graham has worked on too) are all Amiga based - while the Elysiums are PC based (I assume - considering they are designed around the 2nd gen machines).

Yes - I have backups of ALL the VR software for Virtuality machines, that I can get my hands on.
As I have said in a previous post - the games look for the custom graphics card upon booting. When no card is found - the game drops to a CLI.

If you want to play Dactyl Nightmare - either head to the museum in Leicester, or if you cant - google for Dactyl Nightmare on Oculus - as its been re-made in Unity -and its looks pretty close!

Please come and visit soon!
( and PLEASE ask Graham to try to find time to visit the new museum and donate the Elysiums!)
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