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Originally Posted by amiman99 View Post
ADF with bad blocks is in the Zone. Last few tracks had errors, so I just ignored it.
See if you can fix it.
Thanks. I'd better do it soon, before the disk mapping that's imprinted in my brain begins to fade...

Originally Posted by amigagenie View Post
As far as I know its an original disk. I didn't get any errors when I ADF'd it. All that stuff you posted lol its all Greek to me. I kinda understand it. If my disk helps fix another disk cool. I just hope you can help me fix my installation woes....
Well, as you've probably gathered, I haven't really found any problems with your disk. In the meantime, what emufan has said above makes a lot of sense, so give that a try.

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
I did an install test...
Great work, emufan! Thanks for that.

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