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@thomas: Hmm. I guessed that was necessary only 4 MB because it was shown in the screenmode prefs. I am very lazy to make calculations, thats because I guessed that the assumption of AmigaOS was right.

I never had an Amiga with this configuration. To be honest I never had an AGA machine, Kickstart 2.0+ or a graphics board other than a Video Toaster. But this is totally different.

I love to do all tests on WinUAE with a configuration like of 1993-1995, the time which I have heard about Kickstart 2.0+ and AGA Chipset. Admirable machines of that time...

@Toni: I have used only NewIcons, and with the RTG flag off.

For some reason I cant use more than 4 MB VRAM of a machine with 4 MB Fast RAM. Its because of the limited address space of a Z2 machine?

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